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Le Thermique by Arte D’Cocina
Le Thermique is a smart, practical and affordable thermo cooker for everyday use in kitchens.
This compact all-in-one appliance has more than 21 functions with 10 pre-set modes.  You can easily cook, chop, whip, emulsify, mince, knead, blend, stir, grate, grind, beat, slow cook, boil, stew, weigh, sauté, puree, steam and more. It also incorporates a WiFi control and its own recipe collection, making it incredibly easy to use.
It is integrated with precise heat power system for a total control of the even cooking temperature. This creates a unique Flavor & Taste like
‘Breath of the Wok’.
Le Thermique is designed as a Quick, Simple and Sophisticated smart kitchen thermo cooker that enhances your daily lifestyle.


More than 21 cooking functions
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